No Motion Frequency options in app (so no cool down period)


I keep getting multiple motion alerts on my (wired) Ring doorbell. I have read the article about this on the site and searched Google for an answer but can’t seem to find anything.

When my kids play in the front garden, or gardeners are visiting, I get a constant stream of motion alerts. IRO ten to twenty, or one ever few seconds.

This article seems to be the one I need:

However in the app I do not have the option described ‘Motion Frequency’. I’ve tried all the other settings, but nothing seems to work.

Anyone else experiencing this?

Many thanks!

Hi @Toozious. Which model of Ring Doorbell do you have? You can find this on the original packaging or on the Device Health page. When your kids are playing in the front garden or you have gardeners visiting, you can always use the Motion Snooze feature to temporarily snooze motion alerts from your Doorbell for a specified amount of time.

Hey, I have a wired doorbell - this one:

And in all honesty I’m not going to manually snooze alerts every time this happens (multiple times per day):

  • Kids playing
  • Postman
  • Friends stopping by and chatting in front of it
  • Gardeners going backwards and forwards
  • Family coming and going all day…

It would be a constant distraction to manually snooze, while at least I can attempt to ignore the constant buzzing of 10 alerts for every interaction like this (at least 2-4 per motion).

Looking through the various product specs here: (scroll down to the section on ’ Compare Wired Ring Doorbells’) they all have the ‘Advanced Motion Detection’ ticked. So one would assume they can all do the advanced motion detection features listed on the main website (referred to in my first post).

@Toozious Thanks for the clarification. As mentioned in the Help Center Article regarding Motion Frequency, it is designed as a feature to help preserve battery life. This is why you do not see it as an option for the Video Doorbell Wired, but you can adjust the Motion Sensitivity. The Doorbell is designed to detect motion and then alert you to that motion detected, so features like Motion Snooze and Modes are there to give you more customization.

If the Motion Snooze feature does not appeal to you, you can use the Modes feature and set the Doorbell to not detect or record motion when it’s Disarmed, for example. Then in the Home or Away Mode, you can have it set to detect and record motion again. You should see a Mode Settings tile on the Doorbell’s device profile page so you can try it out and see if it works for you. :slight_smile:

Modes really don’t work for me. I would like motion notifications, but don’t want to be spammed. It seems odd that this feature can’t be used to save being spammed as well as battery life, it does the same thing.

Currently looking for a work around to get a seperate app to stop this (and other apps) from being able to send more than one notification in 60 seconds.

Hopefully that will stop it.

Many thanks for your help.