No Motion Detection at Night - Video Doorbell 3 Plusb

I purchased a Video Doorbell 3 Plus back in October which I am very pleased with, but with the darker evenings I have noticed that I am not getting notifications at night time or very rarely do.

During the day I get numerous notifications as I only have a short front path and there are lots of people walking their dogs, so I know that it works fine during the day, but now its dark much earlier I dont get any notifications. Even if I walk out the from door it only goes off sometimes.

I have tried numerous adjustments with the settings, but no matter what I try I get the same result, hardly any recordings/notifications.

Last night I had a delivery come and the person walked up the path, but the parcel in the letterbox, took his photo, walked away, but nothing was recorded. About an hour later I walked out of the front door and heard the bell make a slight chirp which I think is the IR sensors coming on, but it didnt record anything. This is madness as nightlme is when I want it to be picking up movement.

I am sure that things have got worse since the update which introduced the custom motion zones.

Any ideas?

Hi - I’ve just installed ours and am having exactly the same issue. Lots of alerts and snippets during the day and upon returning tonight it didn’t capture anything at all.

I opened the gate, the security light went on (not ring related), walked to the door, put he key in, opened the door, got in and it registered absolutely nothing. Very annoying.

Did you find a solution for yours?


I had a similar issue last night.

Daughter came home from work at 3 am.
I was in bed at the time. Heard her car pull up in front of the house. Heard the key in the door and heard her lock the door after entering.

Checked my Ring alerts this morning and absolutely nothing was recorded from 21:25 until 07:06.

Hey neighbors. Your Ring Video Doorbell will detect motion as long as it is connected to your wifi network, and your Motion Zones have been set up. Please verify that your Motion Zones cover the areas you want to be notified about motion in, and check your Modes settings to ensure you have not turned motion detection off during a particular Mode. If you have, this would prevent your Doorbell from detecting motion when you have that Mode selected. You can also trigger a test event at night, after verifying your settings, by walking up to your front door. If the Doorbell detects you, then your settings should be correct moving forward.

One other factor to consider is the wifi signal strength. A weak or unstable signal could impact the Doorbell’s ability to detect motion reliably. You can learn more about wifi signal strength and how to check it here. If these concerns persist after you’ve run through all the settings and checked the signal, please follow up with our support team at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.

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