No motion controls in Disarmed Mode?

I have the security alarm system all set up. I also have some cameras. I can control the cameras through the app and the three Modes.

However for the security alarm system, I have no control over any of this in Disarmed Mode. That’s how it appears.

In Disarmed Mode there are controls only for the cameras.

So at this moment for one of my motion sensors I have Motion Alerts set to on. So every time I stand up I get an alert. How do I turn this off in Disamred Mode?

Hey again, @Solaris. Changing Modes will not turn Motion Alerts for your Contact Sensors/Motion Detectors on/off. The Motion Alerts you do not need to have enabled if you do not want to receive these alerts in Disarmed mode. I recommend turning these Motion Alerts off so you can avoid these when you are inside your home. Please note that if the sensor is being monitored in Away mode for example, if the sensor is tripped, you will get a notification anyways of this sensor being tripped since you are in a monitored mode. This notification will state that the alarm was tripped from that sensor, for example. Let me know if this helps clear this up for you and eliminate this concern!

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