No motion alerts

Since the update I haven’t been receiving motion alerts. All my settings are the same as before which we just fine. But now I only get notified when someone rings the doorbell

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Hi @Jon428. Is your Ring Doorbell still detecting motion and logging this in the Event History, but you’re just not receiving any notification for it? Or is it not detecting motion at all? Additionally, which model of Ring Doorbell do you have, and what make and model of smartphone do you have?

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Have the same issue. Have Floodlight Cam Wired Pro and Stick Up Cam Battery. Since the app update, not receiving motion detection notices. All motion events for both cameras are being recorded in the Event History. All settings allow motion detection notifications. Haven’t changed any setting, so not the reason notifications stopped. Using Samsung Galaxy S20FE smartphone. All permissions are correct. All background tasks are allowed, no battery saving set for Ring app. Have restarted phone, cleared app cache, turned off notifications turned back on again and still not getting motion notifications.

I am having the same issue with ring Doorbell Pro 2. It is still recording when it detects motion but I am not receiving alerts anymore. All alert settings seem to be set.

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Same here, since the update the cameras are detecting motion, recording in history, no alerts being sent. wiped cache from partition and app. a few times, uninstalled / reinstalled app multiple times, no settings were changed. this is for the stick up camera 3rd gen. and the doorbell pro. samsung S21 Ultra is phone that is used.

Same here, not getting motion alerts anymore bit video recording is still happening. I have doorbell pro 2

I have this problem as well now

I have this problem as well now, have doorbell pro 2 and do not get motion notifications but video is still recording.
No point having doorbell if I don’t know what is happening outside…

Same issue. I even made a post about it. I got 2 notifications today and that was it and there were probably more than 50 motion detections today.

Having same issue, have video doorbell3 and 2 spotlight cam battery. Done all recovery steps multiple times and will alert me for like 30 minutes or so, then stop alerting. Still records all events, just not alert sounds.

Wife’s phone alerts everytime without any issues and all our configurations are the same. I have galaxy z fold2, she has galaxy 21+

Check your app updates. Just got an update to the Ring app and I can confirm notifications are working again. Jay

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I was able to get the notifications working with the following steps on android.

Force stop the app
Clear both the cash and the app data
Log back into the app
Sounds will revert back to default sounds, so if you customized the sounds you will have to reset them.

Notifications are now working again. Will have to give it some time to see if it happens again.

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Didn’t work for me unfortunately

Yeah… mine quit working again… it’s going to get very annoying if I have to reset the app and then reset my settings every few days.

Hi neighbors! For notification issues, such as not receiving motion alerts, you can find some troubleshooting steps for iOS devices here and for Android devices here. Additionally, make sure any VPNs you have are disabled and ensure the Ring App has notification permissions, which you can check in your phone’s settings. If you’ve checked all these and you’re still not receiving notifications, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here so they can look into this further with you. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.

On an Android phone, you might also confirm that “Optimize battery usage” is turned OFF. If it is on, it can prevent some background operations (like notifications?).

When you reinstall an app, it always starts off un-optimized, but Android will try to optimize eventually unless you lock it off – this may explain why reinstalling the app sometimes helps.

Ring Alerts are notifications sent to your smartphone, tablet, or PC whenever someone presses the front button on your Ring Doorbell. Motion Alerts. Motion Alerts are notifications you receive when one of your Ring devices senses motion