No motion alert sound on my phone when away from home

Hello all,
When I am at home and there is motion detected by my ring cam, my phone will give me a motion alert sound. When I am away from home, it does not. Last week I was sitting having drinks at the bar, and I heard ring alerts firing off all around me (same at work). I was waiting for wife. She was waiting on a handy man to finish up a job before joining me.

I went on the app and watched him come and go from the house. NO sound! When I was home, each time he came and went through the front door, I got sound. What the heck is going on here? Any ideas? Thanks! Bob J.

Hi @user77536. I would recommend making sure you do not have your phone set to silent when out. Also, make sure you do not have a Motion Schedule set, which would stop motion alerts from coming during the times it was set for. If these steps do not help, give our support team a call for further assistance.