no more videos or black videos since beg of july

Hi, for several days now (since beg of july) i received the notifications but the video is black. When i go to history it says there is not event for this day. the last day was June 30th.

i paid for one year and my account is active so i don’t know what is happening.

even live video is black.

Sorry to hear about this concern, you should defintely be receiving video. Black video can have different causes, we can certainly help to narrow down the variables. A great first step would be to uninstall and reinstall the Ring Application. If this does not improve or resolve the black video, feel free to respond with any further details such as device type and RSSI reading.

I’ve moved this post to a board that is closer to the topic discussed here, where other neighbors can easily find it in case they want to share suggestions or have the same question.


i did uninstall and reinstall and the issue is still present

what do you mean by device type and RSSI?



Hey @fredmaurel06 , my apologies for not clarifying. Which model of Ring device are you experiencing this concern with, and what does your signal strength (RSSI), or device health, show as in your Ring App?