No more Ring Desktop

Except that the Firefox browser is not one of the supported browsers for a live view, when using — Why ???

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Hey neighbors. We appreciate the feedback that you have provided to us here and over the past weeks in regards to the discontinuation of the desktop app. Please read our Community Announcement about the Ring Desktop App Discontinuation here, and we would appreciate if you added all further comments, feedback and follow up in regards to the topic in that announcement topic so that we can pass along additional information from our neighbors, directly to our team. Thank you, neighbors!

I will be marking this post as the solution to this topic, in order for neighbors to find this information in full easily and to then provide additional feedback in the right channel.

Hey Ring/Amazon: Please listen to this feedback: Don’t kill the desktop app!

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Using Chrome Dashboard on my PC, (I do not have a mic on it). Apparently, Chrome Browser must allow RING mic to be enabled. Well I check Chrome Settings as best I could and only found this: Default behavior

Sites automatically follow this setting when you visit them

Sites can ask to use your microphone

It is defaulted to allow microphone on

When I go to Ring Chrome Dashboard to view LIVE view, it just constantly buffers saying Activating Live View and NEVER comes on right away as does in the original RING DESKTOP APP. When I mouse over the mic, in the CHROME BROWSER it says, Mic disabled. To enable it, check your browser settings.

THIS IS SO FRUSTRATING! IT IS ON as a default setting.

OH, and when I try to view LIVE view through this terrible CHROME Ring app browser, and it DOES NOT WORK. When I close out of LIVE VIEW, and back over to history, THERE it is showing LIVE view as a recording! WHEN I could not actually see it LIVE view. So LIVE view is not real… I have to pretend looking at LIVE view then back out to history, and THEN see the LIVE view recording.


It doesn’t work. Live view does not work on the supported browsers for many of us. This isn’t a solution. App works fine on desktop. App works just fine on mobile. It isn’t my network.

I guess you guys at Ring are really stubborn and still not listening to your users.

We do NOT want to use a website. The app is perfectly functional and well suited for us who are using it.

I don’t know how much clearer we can make it - keep the desktop app going. Period.

Quite simple really.