No more Ring Desktop

It doesn’t work. Live view does not work on the supported browsers for many of us. This isn’t a solution. App works fine on desktop. App works just fine on mobile. It isn’t my network.

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I guess you guys at Ring are really stubborn and still not listening to your users.

We do NOT want to use a website. The app is perfectly functional and well suited for us who are using it.

I don’t know how much clearer we can make it - keep the desktop app going. Period.

Quite simple really.


Still not a peep. Again, just now someone rang my bell. I clicked on the notification from my computer (desktop app) and opened and viewed the camera, easy-peasy. I was done with it before the Echo Show or my mobile app sent a notice and connected. Again, this issue is not “solved” and still ticked off to no end.

What RING is doing is putting all of us on edge. This is silly that they are going to end an application that totally works. I have been testing RING with CHROME and frankly it sucks. They are releasing a WEB application using CHROME and it is filled with bugs. 1) Delete function, sometime is selects 20 and works most of the time. Sometimes it selects over 20 and it states SOMETHING WENT WRONG and will not delete. 2) You cannot block select what you want deleted, unlike the standalone app does. 3) When you use the delete no matter the amount, you have to refresh. Now that crazy. 4) when you STAR something, the delete will delete them and that is not to happen. I find myself using the app over the web for deletes. Someone at RING should get fired for releasing without testing. I know I would have terminated you. So, why am I not getting paid for your lack of trouble shooting or testing? Call me and lets discuss a job.

I am legally blind and my other half is a 100% disabled Veteran. The windows app is the only thing that works with our disabilities. Please bring back the app for desktop computers. If not, it’s time to cancel service. Shame on you.


Well. After today’s shenanigans, this is a perfect illustration of why forcing everyone to use the online system is flawed beyond belief.

My desktop app is still apparently working (though I am sure some motion alerts were missed earlier today). But after reading about the problems Amazon and Ring have been having today, I discovered I cannot log into my Ring account, and I got several errors trying to log in here.

My Ring annual subscription was renewed less than a month ago. It will be the last time, as I am moving away from Ring at the earliest opportunity.

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When you find an alarm company that guarantees a 100% up time, please be sure to let us know.
Over the years every big alarm company has had downtime.

Downtime which would be tolerable if it were not on top of the discontinuation of the app and Ring’s determination not to listen to its users.

I couldn’t agree more… I hope Ring Team gives this more thought…
I find the website highly lacking compared to the desktop app.

  1. The ring desktop app launches the affected camera automatically. Website does not.
  2. by the time I launch ring website…log in…and open the camera, the intruder could already be in my home.
  3. I have now had to purchase a Amazon Echo Show and when it arrives will try to see if that will make up for the discontinued desktop app.
  4. This is a decline in service I signed up for when purchasing my 6 camera system.
    5 ring desktop app runs in the background and notifies if an intruder enters the area. while the Website must be launched in the browser and be active in order to show intrusion. So I will have to have a computer dedicated to Ring???
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So far the only workaround I found is to purchase an Amazon ECHO SHOW.
Then you can tell “ALEXA” to show you the certain camera without the delay of launching a browser…signing in…
The live video opens immediately and you can talk and listen.
Too bad I had to spend $90.00 to fix the Ring App

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I am so tired of having to RE-Log Into the browser dashboard - and then add onto that, Two-Factor Authentication!! I feel like I’m in jail or I am working FOR Ring… I’m about to get rid of my 6 cameras and start from scratch.

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