No more Ring Desktop

This is crazy, the computer software is the reason why I went for the Ring ecosystem in the first place! - Please keep supporting the software!


Does anyone want to buy some ring cameras and doorbells before I throw them in the garbage?

Can Ring just answer why Safari is no longer being supported, and will it be supported in the future. That will help me in making decisions about home security in the future. Just answer the questions please.


I think it is time to go to a different system. I already have Eufy cameras. I just have to replace the doorbell which is a ring.
I will wait to see if something class action comes out out of this to get money back for that thing.

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So, I decided to try out the web app with the Ring app shut down for a few days while I worked from home. Yesterday, I totally missed a Fed Ex delivery, and a neighbor who rang my doorbell (I’m deaf and can’t hear the doorbell). Today, I missed the guy who mows my lawn. Normally, with my Ring app up and running, I know he’s here the minute he steps onto my lawn. It was sheer luck that I spotted him in my backyard when I got up to get a drink in my kitchen. If he was already in my backyard, that meant he was already here for at least 20-30 minutes. This is scary! There’s no telling how long someone could be lurking around my house before I find out, if ever.

I’m getting no notifications from my Ring system through the web app. Suddenly, my home security system feels like nothing more than a toy without the desktop app. This is a huge step back for deaf people, and I know of quite a few deaf people who have a Ring system installed at their homes. All this to maximize profits at the expense of their customers? What a shame!


I am glad that I saw they were doing this. My wife was asking me to order another device for the back of the house and I certainly now will not. I have so many false alerts on my front one now even with narrowing down the area. Now it misses activity in the area which was selected. I would LOVE to get my money back and go with something more reliable like the Nest my daughter uses. Probably switch anyway. All companies ever do is sell you on their fluff, we do this and that, we provide this wonderful feature, we are better than abc because of this, then you buy it it all changes. Reminds me of my real estate broker that told me, "It is like a 2 story house, the story you get when you are buying it, then the story you get AFTER you move in.
You are cutting off your nose to spite your face. You now eliminated almost every person whose is working from getting a notice of activity. Out company of 12k employees are NOT allowed to have their cell phones at their desks. Nice job in eliminating the very protection you are supposed to provide. Shame that Ring is being so cheap that they won’t spend a few pennies providing a service that people bought the unit for to exactly provide that service.
Signed unhappy former customer

The silence and non reply from Ring is terrible customer service.

Can anybody from Ring please tell me (all of us) if this is being taken notice of and if any consideration is being made to not scrapping the App?

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This is unacceptable. The web browser apps sucks.

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Add me as another voice that is completely disappointed, and even surprised, that they would discontinue the Ring desktop app. It is incredibly easier to just open the Ring App on a desktop when needed instead of fumbling around to find a bookmark for the website. With so many people working from home these days, the desktop app is a convenient and easy way for us to monitor our home security systems.


The desktop app is the only thing that worked decently. WTF Ring?

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Agreed. I just bought a house with a 1st gen ring. Upgraded to a 2 and added a 3. Now I wish I hadn’t.
Thanks Ring!

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Oh, and you can’t get into device settings from their And their customer service had no idea. He said to just click on the 3 bars. WHAT 3 BARS!

Very Unhappy that is not compatible with Firefox , my default browser. Ring requires the use of CHROME or Microsoft Edge Browser for LIVE VIEW. that is bad. Who uses Microsoft browsers!!

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This is horrible. I own multiple cameras. NONE of them will pull up on Edge. I don’t use Chrome and it isn’t compatible on FF. If you are going to move to a browser based solution MAKE SURE THE SOLUTION WORKS. I can not see “Live View” on any of my cameras now. “Activating Live View” and it just spins and spins and eventually just closes. For every camera. This is a joke.

Going to have to find a new company and service I guess. Thanks for nothing Ring.

Edit: just checked, subscription ends last week in Oct this year. Perfect timing. See ya ring.


Just got the notice that the ring app for Windows will be discontinued on October 15th. That does not make me happy at all. It was one of the deciding factors in purchasing it. You got my money this time but that’s over. As soon as I can find another option I will be cancelling my subscription. Feeling ripped off!

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I’m restricted to having the Peephole Cam, so alternatives are almost non-existent.
I also can’t afford nor do I have the space for a giant Echo Show (would need the 10 to have a hope of even seeing it).
I’m trying to find solutions, a way to make a sort of makeshift dedicated desktop app…
Each of these have their own limitations
These two ideas are by no means complete solutions and I’m only just now testing

I’m running an android emulator on my windows 10 machine, Nox (could also use Bluestacks etc) to emulate a phone, and there I have installed the android ring app.
I’m leaving the Ring app open on this giant laptop screen “phone”

Alternatively I am considering taking an old phone that no longer has data service (but can still serve as a Wi-Fi phone) and ideally already has a bad battery so it won’t mind being constantly attached to the PC for power, to then cast the Ring app from the phone to the PC so I can see it. (with this method the phone will alert).
I have a Chime Pro to counter some of the lack of notifications.

My primary goal is to have steady fast access to live events.
The rest, downloading, etc are secondary to this main point for me.

Again, needs work and won’t fit all the needs (not even sure if this will fill all of mine), but at least its a start for a workaround

UPDATE – these are not viable solutions :frowning:

So Ring, do you still considered this issue to be “resolved” because it clearly is not and just ticking off your customers over something like this. Add me on the list of not buying nor recommending your products or services anymore. Floodlight, doorbell, stickup cam and chime pro all wasted. Your “website” solution is NOT a solution nor “resolves” the problem.

Has anyone noticed the “Supported Browsers” are buggy, have security flaws and are constantly calling home to tell on us sheeple our browsing habits. I just purchased another “Security” camera and now I’m thinking of sending it back and looking elsewhere. Since it’s against community standards to ask for competitors, I’ll move this conversation to Rumble.

Due to the stoney silence over the past couple of weeks from all Ring employees who read these forums, I’ve just cancelled my Ring Protect plan. Luckily for me my plan was due to be renewed on the 7th September. Such a shame. Yes I’ll be purchasing an alternative brand.

First of all, ‘Chrome’ isn’t my default browser, but at least that problem was resolved by creating a browser-specific desktop shortcut. But assuming Ring does eventually manage to duplicate full ‘desktop’ functionality with the browser based web site, I doubt they’ll be able to provide a workaround for the need to log-in with every site visit. After all, that in-and-of itself would create a security risk. So, the login requirement (and the additional time it takes to do so) is a deal-breaker in accepting the browser as a legitimate substitute for the W10 desktop app. Simply put, the additional 15 or 20 seconds lost while logging-in could be critical in terms of observing a live view of intruder activity on your property. I wouldn’t even entertain the idea of keeping the Ring web-site up and running on my PC 24/7. C’mon Ring… smartphone apps and cloud-based software have their place, but are not necessarily an acceptable substitute for installed software.

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So you cancel the app and force us to use Google Chrome as well…BS