No more Ring Desktop

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It’s rather surprising that there hasn’t been far more push-back regarding the “supported browsers”. If Ring community members were tech-savvy about privacy/security issues, one would expect a much more dramatic response.

With respect, RIng owners want a video doorbell that meets the description they were given when they purchased it. Not a course on being ‘tech savvy’ (which the majority won’t be).

This is like buying a new car because it had all round parking sensors (which added to the cost), then being told a year later they were being disabled and you’d have to just be careful in future instead.

Yes, we know we can access the app via our web browser - for now. But the communication we all received stated that would no longer be the case after October 15, 2021. Has that changed?

I agree. Very disappointing. It is easier to view videos on a larger screen!!


I cannot get live view to work via Chrome or Edge
It does record but ‘activating live view’ just spins and spins
Desktop app works instantly
My subscription is up next month, will not continue with RING since it is now crippled.
BTW 45 minute wait time for support? You can do better Amazon.

For anyone still unable to load Live View from Ring’s site, please see my post here:


On October 15, 2021, the Ring desktop app for Windows and Mac will be discontinued. All users will be permanently logged out of the Ring - Always Home desktop

There’s a Legal term for this - CONSUMER FRAUD BAIT AND SWITCH. The RING was sold as being accessible from your desktop app. They got your money and now they want to make it extremely difficult to get what we’ve paid for. Maybe writing to Consumer Affairs would be a start - that could lead to a Class Action against Google.
In the meantime, instead of buying the additional cameras, we can turn to the competition.

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Really not happy about this. The recommended replacement only supports two browsers (neither of which I use), and even if it did work across browser types I would need to disable two factor login to make it anywhere near usable. If this change stands I will have to junk Ring and move to an alternative, as desktop live view is why I chose Ring in the first place. Poor decision Ring.


This is just ridiculous. WHY? Surely it can’t be that difficult to keep the Desktop Ring operating? It’s essential for monitoring cameras and surely that’s the whole point?
Why do we have to be forced to have our mobiles in hand continually?
Ring has always been a market leader and now it seems that they are going to lose customers worldwide. Not exactly good business sense is it? :angry:

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I just found out that the desktop app is being decommissioned, RIDICULOUS!!!

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Disappointing I’ll probably look at alternatives.

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I agree!! This is a very bad move and I want a refund. This move makes the cameras completely useless to me. I was already frustrated with the cameras stalling when I need to see a camera view, but now they are taking away the desktop app. I want a refund!! Now I have to find another alternative.

I second that!!! I completely understand what you are saying! Their new way as of Sept 10th 2021still does NOT work, even though I had to download Chrome browser to view LIVE, it still does NOT work! The original Ring app works FLAWLESS.

Nope! The fools are just putting the cart before the horse, while their new way to force us to view LIVE Ring cams on the Chrome Browser still does not work as of 9-10-2021

Except that the Firefox browser is not one of the supported browsers for a live view, when using — Why ???


Hey neighbors. We appreciate the feedback that you have provided to us here and over the past weeks in regards to the discontinuation of the desktop app. Please read our Community Announcement about the Ring Desktop App Discontinuation here, and we would appreciate if you added all further comments, feedback and follow up in regards to the topic in that announcement topic so that we can pass along additional information from our neighbors, directly to our team. Thank you, neighbors!

I will be marking this post as the solution to this topic, in order for neighbors to find this information in full easily and to then provide additional feedback in the right channel.

Hey Ring/Amazon: Please listen to this feedback: Don’t kill the desktop app!


Using Chrome Dashboard on my PC, (I do not have a mic on it). Apparently, Chrome Browser must allow RING mic to be enabled. Well I check Chrome Settings as best I could and only found this: Default behavior

Sites automatically follow this setting when you visit them

Sites can ask to use your microphone

It is defaulted to allow microphone on

When I go to Ring Chrome Dashboard to view LIVE view, it just constantly buffers saying Activating Live View and NEVER comes on right away as does in the original RING DESKTOP APP. When I mouse over the mic, in the CHROME BROWSER it says, Mic disabled. To enable it, check your browser settings.

THIS IS SO FRUSTRATING! IT IS ON as a default setting.

OH, and when I try to view LIVE view through this terrible CHROME Ring app browser, and it DOES NOT WORK. When I close out of LIVE VIEW, and back over to history, THERE it is showing LIVE view as a recording! WHEN I could not actually see it LIVE view. So LIVE view is not real… I have to pretend looking at LIVE view then back out to history, and THEN see the LIVE view recording.


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It doesn’t work. Live view does not work on the supported browsers for many of us. This isn’t a solution. App works fine on desktop. App works just fine on mobile. It isn’t my network.

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