No more notifications


I have a ring doorbell camera with a chime unit. I used to receive movement notifications on my echo show 5 and my iphone. Now i don’t receive any notifications on my iphone or my echo show.

I tried everything. All the seeting in the apps are to on to receive notification. I tried uninstaling the app and installing it again on my iphone. I tryed to change the wifi on my doorbell camera and on my chime unit. Nothing works

If i go in the ring app in history i see that the camera does detect movement and does record videos. So the wifi connection does works. When i press the chime button it does chime too. When i press the chime button my cell phone receive a notification and my echo show 5 shows the camera. It’s only when there is movement without pressing the chime button that i don’t receive notifications.

I’m at a total loss. I wonder if Amazon have home technicians in Quebec,Canada.

Hi @bast1981. Do you have Motion Alerts toggled on? This can be found in the Ring app once you’ve selected your Doorbell. Try toggling it OFF and then ON, to see if that will change the notifications. I would also check your Motion Settings, as this could also be affecting notifications.