no microphone option when answering on android

Hi, when I answer the ring on my android app the video comes up and there’s only the option to turn sound on and no option to turn on the microphone. The app will not rotate either to portrait mode.
When I just view in live mode, if I turn it to portrait then there is the microphone option and I can activate it no problem.
I have an iPad and that has the microphone option there always.

The app has all permissions allowed but it just doesn’t give me the option to turn on the microphone when answering a ring. Has anyone else had this problem and have you fixed it.?



In the “Live View” displayed video, there should be:

Red phone icon button (hang up): Ends the audio/video and Exits.

Green Phone icon button (answer): Unmutes speaker - you can hear. Opens MIC unmuted. Tapping either Right Mic or Speaker buttonsMutes / UnMutes them.

If you don’t have these these icons, Uninstall your phone app, and download/install the lastest verson the of Ring App.

Your smartphone’s “Screen Rotation” setting can sometimes interfere with the Ring app ability to rotate between Portrait & Landscape. Try changing your phone’s setting.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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