No longer getting notifications on any of my devices

Have a Doorbell 2 that is hardwired and working fine. Suddenly the other day I noticed I was not getting any notifications. Not on my Android phone, my wife’s apple phone, not my Echo Show, nothing. I can see live video from the doorbell. And if someone presses the button, it rings and Alexa says someone is at the door. But the mailman opens the door and nothing. What is going on? I’ve removed the app from my phone, and reinstalled. But I don’t think it’s just my phone because all my devices are not getting notifications.

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Sorry to hear about this, @rhfeenan! As your button push ring alerts are coming through, this is a great sign that your Ring device is communicating as intended. Please check motion settings such as Modes and Motion Scheduling. I recommend also disabling People Only Mode to see if motion will notify then. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile:

@Marley_Ring I am having the same issue, on all of our devices, for a couple of weeks now. All settings are correct and on. I should be getting an alert for any and all motion. The only notifications I receive are when someone rings the bell.

Has anyone resolved this?

To be clear, motion is being recorded and I can go into the app and see when it was triggered, but zero notifications are coming through.

Looks like you guys rolled out a fix in the past hour so, yay!

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I am having the exact same issue and nothing I’ve done will get the notifications working on my Android phone again. It’s frustrating.

Hi @LilacMoon25. Androids can be somewhat difficult sometimes, as they have additional settings that sometimes can conflict with the Ring app. I would check to make sure that you phones notifications are “cleared” and the cache is not full. Sometimes this happens when there are more than 25 notifications that have not been cleared. Let me know if this works.