No longer an option to view video on phone alert...

Since the last app update when I get a motion alert from my ring pro video doorbell, it simply gives me the option to ‘snooze’ it instead of the ‘view’ and ‘snooze’ it used to. Is there a setting I can change or somewhere I can press to view live after a motion alert?

Using android phone FYI

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I’m having the same problem with my Ring 2 Doorbell on Android. I hope someone can give us an answer because it’s annoying to have to open the app to view.

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When my ring doorbell alerts me to a “ring” or motion the only option on my Android tablet is “snooze” there is no “view” option. Then I have to get up to get closer to my echo show or log into the app on my phone. The whole point of having this is not to have to get up and go anywhere. I’ve read a couple of other people have this same issue. I do not see where anyone has offered advice or “fixes”

Hi there, so i Uninstalled the ring app
Turned phone off then on again
Then reinstalled ring app
Still cannot view my videos.
Like WTH!!