No liveview on three ring doorbells (first version) with app version 3.37.0

Since app version 3.37.0 liveview fails on my POCO F2 Pro. Liveview works fine on my wife’s phone (Motorola) which also uses version 3.37.0 . Tried to reinstall the app but liveview still fails.

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App version 3.37.0 live view is not working for me either on my OnePlus 6T. Family members with iPhones 8 & 12 along with Samsung s20’s are working just fine. I reinstalled the app, cleared my phone’s cache, re connected my ring to wifi (wifi is fast) and the issue is still occuring
I’m the only one in my family circle with this issue :triumph: I hope they fix this big ASAP

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Count me in as well. Both my wife and cannot use live view on the latest app. I’m using a oneplus 8 and she’s on a oneplus 6t. Both our kindles work fine as well as our fire cube. To bypass the issue I’m using rapid ring.

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Thank you for this feedback, neighbors! If you have not already, please check for any android apps that might conflict with the Ring app, and also ensure there is not a vpn enabled.

Great call @cdub, in trying out the Rapid Ring app, which is less robust for quick processing of live view.

I have a video doorbell Pro and 2 cameras. At some point in the last few weeks, live view on my oneplus 7 pro via the Ring app has stopped working. It just spins on ‘Activating Device’. I can still view recordings. This is at home on WiFi, and also if on 4G.
However, live View in rapid ring app on this phone works fine.
My wife has a Oneplus 8 pro and they all work fine on this phone in the Ring app. It works on the Web app OK, and even from my Samsung fridge!
Therefore it must be something specific to the Ring app on my phone. I have deleted and re-installed the app, WiFi signal and Internet connection is fine.
Something must have changed as it all worked fine until recently. I can see lots of posts with people having issues with live view, but none where it is only on a specific device.
Anyone had anything similar, and any suggestions for a resolution?

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I have fixed the problem!! The latest app update has broken live view, but you can uninstall the latest update and install an older version of the app by going here and download the Android install file for the older version (3.35.1):


Hello there,

I am having the same problem as well not being to live view.

I have a new Ring Pro 2 doorbell and 4 Ring cameras I cannot view now so please sort this out as I don’t want to have to faff around with APK’s from an unknown source.

I have a OnePlus 7T Pro.

It is ok with my wifes Samsung A80 phone.

Thanks, Mark.

I’m noticing a similar issue on iOS. Ring Pro 2. I get live view about half the time the other half I get a message saying it couldn’t connect and to retry. Also noticing the snapshot previews on the dashboard aren’t updating when I open the app. I had a Ring 3 Plus before and don’t remember the same issues although because I got the new Pro 2 been messing about with it more to get it setup etc.

Doorbell presses, notifications etc are all working which makes me suspect an app or backend issue with live view.

Thanks, using the older version of the app worked.

@Marley_Ring, I’ve had the same issue for weeks, no app conflict and no vpn.

Looks like a common theme, our Oneplus devices. If you go into the Play Store you can see reviews for your specific device. For mine almost all described live view not working.

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Thanks, my 6T hasnt had a live feed for a month now. rapid app worked well but who wants two apps that pretty much do the same thing.

Go into your developer options and enable install from unknown sources. Uninstall your current version. Download and install 3.35.1 from either apk mirror or apkpure. Login through the app and you’re done. Note, ensure your updates are not automatic otherwise the app will update itself.


Been having this issue for a long while on my One Plus 8. This method works, thanks a lot.

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