No Live View without Ring Protect

Since my trial period with Ring Protect expired I can no longer connect to a live view after a motion alert is received. There is no issue connecting to live view any other time, only for the time period of a few minutes after a motion alert. This happens on both the Ring app and the Rapid Ring app and happens on both my Android phone and my wife’s iPhone. Has anyone else experienced this? Any solutions?

Hi @mikesch. Not having a Ring Protect Plan subscription should have no impact on your Live View. This Community post here has some great tips and tricks for Live View issues. A few other things you can try is 1- Reboot your internet router and 2- Power Cycle your device. A Power Cycle is just a fancy way of saying “turn it off for a few minutes, then turn it back on”. Let me know if this works!

I noticed this also when my Ring Protect trial period lapsed.

I tried all of the recommended solutions from Ring but none of them helped.

I read somewhere to try disabling the Advanced Motion Detection setting. This fixed Live View for me when receiving a motion alert on my Doorbell and Spotlight Camera.

Maybe this is a bug in Advanced Motion Detection since it is a relatively new feature. I am keeping the setting off for now even though the default motion zone is not ideal.

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If you have Advanced Motion Detection enabled, try disabling it. This fixed Live View on my devices.

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Yep, this happened to me too. Why isn’t Ring acknowledging this as a problem and addressing it accordingly?

Thanks, that worked.