No Live View on Ring Doorbell

So… My Ring doorbell is pretty pointless I recieve notications saying there is movement at my door. Nothing through on my alexa so I check my app and I’m stuck in an ‘Activating Device’ loop for hours.

I literally cannot live view my camera and before RING tell me it’s a poor Internet connection this is a load of rubbish, my doorbell is 4 meters away from my router… My router works for literally every other device I own and I am on a 100mb + tarrif that has been confirmed via speed test.

I can honestly say this problem only developed after my ‘free trial’ had ended? What kind of company can run like this unless there is a way of fixing and becoming more stable there is no way I am signing up for the full plans.

I am looking forward to a response that will fix and identify the problem.

Hi @Midnight_Mushy. For Live View concerns, the best place to start is our Community Post on it here. This post will help you start narrowing down what is causing the Live View to not pull up so that you can find a working solution. You can also try the Rapid Ring App, which is a companion to the Ring App and is designed to allow you to answer notifications and access Live View more quickly. I hope these suggestions are helpful! :slight_smile: