No live view and stuck on activating device

Same issue here.

I actually got sent a replacement Spotlight Cam in relation to this live view problem, but low and behold, I am suffering the exact same issue with the new cam. Same story, good speed at camera, good rssi (41) etc, etc.

Like others have mentioned, this only started happening the past month or so. Before that, rock solid for almost 3 years.

So ultimately I’ve sent back a perfectly good camera that didn’t need a replacement (a cheaper replacement at that, looks like Ring dropped the silver metal accents since I bought my Spotlight Cam, the new one has more plastic and is lighter in weight)…

It would be great if someone from Ring would start taking this seriously and look deeper into this issue. There is an issue with the app (on both android and iPhone) ‘waking up’ the camera to record. Motion still works without issue, and notifications are instant.

Interesting, at least every time I tested this evening, the Windows 10 PC app does not seem to have this issue and Live View seemingly works, I’ll keep testing to see if this remains the case, but it certainly seems to point to a phone app issue…

I don’t understand this Ring. I have just bought 3 Spotlight Cams, two currently installed. One gives me live view, one seems now to be constantly on 'activating device;. I’m on free trial at the moment. With the answers being given by Ring on this forum, why would I sign up to the subscription, and why would I not feel entitled to my money back on cameras, if they simply don’t function as required? As a new customer, is this what I am meant to expect?

I got the same issue, when I want to check in on my ring camera it goes in a loop and will not activate the camera, I have got mesh WiFi (500 quid worth of system) and 1gb internet.

What is the purpose of a security system if you cannot access it?

Mine is the same. Tried everything you suggest and still it will not activating when someone rings it, Just get a spinning wheel and ‘Activating device’ notification then nothing

same here, any joy getting it sorted?