No live audio or notifications, but video is OK

Ring doorbell 3. I installed the doorbell brand new about two weeks ago and it has been working absolutely fine. I get notifications of motion and when someone rings the bell.

This morning when I checked the live feed, I could see video OK but no audio. Likewise no motion detection/notifications. When I started to listen to the live feed I heard a blip of audio then nothing.

The bell is hardwired using the official Ring PSU. Battery is at 100%. Bell is connected via a Chime Pro. WiFi isn’t an issue as I can see live video, just no audio.

Fortunately when I removed the battery and unplugged the PSU, it reset and when repowered all is working again. It has knocked my confidence a bit as up until now it’s been rock solid.

Is this ‘the norm’ with Ring doorbells? What could have caused it?

Hi @JemTheWire! You should certainly hear audio during a live view when hitting the green answer button. This will initiate two way talk and should allow for speaker/ microphone functionality. Notifications should also appear on your mobile device. Did you configure all of your motion settings? This will help to ensure you are receiving alerts.

I recommend removing and reinstalling the Ring app on your mobile device, and ensure to accept all permissions. This might resolve both the notifications and audio concern. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Thank you for replying. That was the answer I was expecting but does not apply in my case.

I had the issue on both my iPad and my iPhone PLUS the Windows 10 app on my PC. It simply cannot be the app on all three devices.

Thus far I have not had it happen again since I rebooted the doorbell.

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