No init of DoorBell Pro

Recently we moved new house. I found that this house had Ring Video Doorbell pro and I tried set up. First I had download App and followed setup, and finally I could monitored the video and all. So satisfied at that time. However the phone APP noticed me of reconnect of the device after two hours. I checked Ring and found nothing replied and changed at Ring Doorbell. I pushed setup button for 15 second to reset the device and I charged the battery by using USB cable according to some video. Now I had still dead Ring Doorbell.
I checked the normal Voltage, around 20V. Now I replaced simple door switch for my visitors.
Any idea to revive this device?

Hi @John55Ring. Let’s start with confirming what model device you have, because the Ring Pro does not charge via USB, but is hardwired. You can find the model in the Device Health menu, along with the RSSI of the device. Once we have the correct device, we can troubleshoot the issue. Thanks, neighbor.

Thank you for your reply, Only I could see “This device is offline” on App.
However, I can let you know the information on back of device as followings

Video Doorbell Pro

I connected and pressed both bottens several times but I could not see any light on.
I thought no power enable the device.

I’d appreciate your help

Thanks and regards

Hi @John55Ring. Thanks for this information. With a Ring Pro, theres a few things you can check. This Community post here has some great information. Try disconnecting the Ring Pro completely for 10 minutes, then reconnect it. If you still see no lights, Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.


Today I have a chance to call your customer service.
She said100% of voltage problem and perfect of doorbell, no failure of Dorbell itself.
And she adviced that I’d better to contact technician to check the voltage.

She told there’s a battery that was charged by wired cable in conversation
I thought that any chance of complete dained out and no more work of inside battery.

Do you have a sevice to check the functional status of this device or recondition it to work?

As I told, it was working good as simple doorbell for more than two years
and good with video after download the APP for more than four hours.
Now it has no light on and not work as simple doorbell (I have to replace with small & simple SW)

Nothing was changed in hardware that means no possibliity of changed votage.
All problems happened after installing Ring APP.

I want to check the doorbell itself by the manufacture.
Would you like to inform me the cost if you have this kind of service?

Hi @John55Ring. Ring does not have any technicians that can check out your device for you. For this, we suggest reaching out to a qualified electrician.