No indoor ring sound after someone rings the wired Ring doorbell

I realized it few weeks ago. I contacted Ring support. The guy told me the video recording length was too long. I now set to the shortest which is 50 sec.

However, it’s still not working. I now realized it’s because of Smart Alert. When Smart Alert is on and someone is detected then ring the doorbell, Ring will not ring inside but only outside. The sound from inside is from my Alexas.

If I just open the front door to ring the Ring then it works since it does not detect me yet.

Once I turn smart alert off, everything works as normal. However, I can’t find any document about it.

I was trying to confirm the behavior with Ring Chat support. That person just said they couldn’t do tech support and without talked me more just cut the line.

Can someone confirm the behavior and please give me any suggestion. Thank you so much.

Hi @iAMme. This is not how your Doorbell should be behaving. I’ve brought this concern to the attention of our team. Rest assured, they’re looking into it. If you have any other questions in the meantime, don’t hesitate to ask.

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