No drill alarm installation?

I live in rented accommodation so drilling into walls isn’t an option.

Would it be feasible to install the alarm without drilling to mount?

I’ve seen sensors come with sticky tapes. Would the base station be ok loose or with sticky tapes also?

Good question, @Wendyt3! You can install your Base Station almost anywhere such as placing it on a flat surface or mounting it on a wall. While mounting is usually done with screws (not included), we’ve seen neighbors get creative with installation. When choosing where to install your Base Station, ensure to consider the following:

  • Make sure it’s in a spot that gets great wifi reception or near your router if you want to use an Ethernet connection.
  • Install in an area where the siren is best heard throughout the location.
  • Choose in a centralized location to improve Z-Wave network coverage in all directions.
  • Make sure the spot you choose has cellular service, in case you want to subscribe to Ring Protect Plus and take advantage of cellular backup.

Feel free to share with the Community any installation methods you accomplish. :slight_smile: