No doorbell alerts or live view

After charging my ring, we are no longer getting doorbell notifications on the app and we don’t have the ability to see the live feed. Anyone else had this issue before? If so, How did you fix it?

@Jae_sid wrote:
After charging my ring, we are no longer getting doorbell notifications on the app and we don’t have the ability to see the live feed. Anyone else had this issue before? If so, How did you fix it?

Hello @Jae_sid ,

It sounds like your Video doorbell might not be getting powered up. You should try removing the Quick Release Battery Pack (non-applicable for the Video Doorbell 2nd Gen-2020 release) and then re-inserting it until it firmly clicks in. Sometimes, debris or something can prevent the Battery Pack’s metal contacts from making a good electrical contact. Also, if the mounting plate was ‘cranked down super tight’ on a slightly uneven surface, this can twist and warp the plastic housing of the doorbell and make removing/inserting the Battery Pack difficult, prevent the Battery from fully seating all the way in, or prevent the electrical connections from making good contact. After a minute to allow it to ‘wake up’, push the doorbell button to check if indeed it is powered up and the battery is supplying power to the unit. Then you can check if “Live View” is working normally.

You should also check your “Device Health” to see the battery charge status and check your RSSI value. R eceived S ignal S trength I ndicator (RSSI) value you see in your “Device Health” is actually Wi-Fi connection strength negative-number, so -25 to -50 is typical and good. Once you start getting -60 or more, that is not a good number. Maybe if you have a very high RSSI, your connection isn’t good enough for high-data video to connect to “Live View” or “Black Screen” video recordings, or issues with poor audio streaming. Although the text-type ‘pushed’ notification are quick low-data burst connections and have a better chance of getting to your App with a high RSSI value. Besides the issue with your Doorbell connecting to the Internet, also your smart-phone Ring App may have connections issue to the Ring servers.

These links, and other online information at may help:

If your “Live View” still unable to activate, you can try Un-Installing and then Re-Installing the Ring App. Don’t worry about losing all your previous settings or connection set ups if you have multiple Ring devices, because that data is not stored on your phone (that information is tied to your Ring email “Owner” account). Although, I’ve noticed that sometimes re-installing your App might reset ‘little’ settings back to the default setting, like your Alert Sound choices (App Alert-Tones/Chirp-Tones).

Another option you should consider is re-setup your doorbell, but perform a " Hard" Factory reset on your Ring Video Doorbell (instead of a regular setup) The reason is that during a Factory Reset, you will restore your Video Doorbell back to its original factory firmware programming and you totally clean out any downloaded firmware since then. There is a possibility that your doorbell might have some slightly corrupted firmware that occurred during your initial setup. And this slightly corrupted firmware didn’t manifest your Live View issue until after battery power was removed and then reconnected. Using a Factory Reset, you will be starting fresh and clean, and will eliminate any possible malfunctioning caused by previous slightly-bad firmware.

Hopefully you can complete this while at your Doorbell’s mounted location, as long as you have a good Wi-Fi signal. To accomplish a Factory hard Reset on your Video Doorbell, Push and Hold the reset button for 15-20-seconds, but I like holding it for about 30-seconds , and then release. After you release the Reset Button, the doorbell will take a minute or two to ‘wake up’ and then automatically enter the Setup Mode. Proceed and complete the entire setup, and when you get to the part where the App offers you to “Skip” button, DO NOT. This is a delicate part of the setup, where it is going to download all the latest available Firmware. This could take upto 5 or 6 minutes, depending on the speed of your Wi-Fi. Even when your hear her say, “Your Ring Video Doorbell is now ready” still wait and do not continue for a while. Continue on the next App pages until reaching the page that has the “Skip Button” and stop there. Wait until this page steps to the next page on its own. Even after your App goes to the next step, I wait another minute. Yeah, I’m a little paranoid and I don’t like to rush this part. You want to provide your doorbell the opportunity to get a nice, clean firmware download, without proceeding on to change settings as this download is simultaneously occurring. A little patience here can help avoid having to start all over again with another Factory Reset.

And then, if this all doesn’t correct your issue, I would telephone Ring Support for help:

Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19, their available hours have been changed also:

I hope this information is helpful :slight_smile: