No difference in alert settings between modes

We utilize modes for our cameras. Away is for when were gone. Home is for when we’re in bed. Disarmed is when were are up and active. The problem is that our Away and Home are the same. Turning on an alert for a particular camera is global and does not change based upon the mode. Motion detection changes based upon the mode, but alerts are either active or inactive regardless of mode. For example: set a camera for motion recording when home, but not alert. When you switch to Away, and that camera is motion recording, you will not get an alert until you turn on the alert. Now, however, the alert will also be on in Home mode. Why are the modes not independent of each other???

Hi @takerrn. At this time, notifications are controlled independently of the Modes settings. Other neighbors have requested the option to control notifications within Modes, which you can find here on our Feature Request board. You’re welcome to add your vote and feedback to that request.

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