No coupon for free faceplate, support unhelpful

I recently purchased and installed a Video Doorbell Pro 2, and it’s been working great. On the Amazon listing (where I bought it), the Ring Shop listing, and in the app while setting it up, it mentioned I’d receive a coupon for a free faceplate. Well, a long time later (1 week+) and it’s not come through.

I contacted support today and had to go through so many hoops, explain that it’s a legitimate offer (I was asked to provide proof etc), and finally got to the point where someone agreed to order one for me (they said they couldn’t give me a coupon). However they only gave me a limited range of colors, none of which match my house, which is the point of getting a faceplate, right?

If I go to or I can see the faceplate clearly instock (Mocha Brown). But support refuse to budge and say they can’t order it for me.

The price is not an issue ($14.99), it’s more about the promise of this being free (I remember the old doorbells included multiple faceplates in the box) and then being treated badly during the whole support process. I have no idea what on earth to do.

Sorry for the [.] throughout, it was restricting me posting more than 2 links in the post as a new user.

Ring customer service wasn’t able to help at all (they kept telling me the color I wanted was out of stock, only things like pink or blue) even though Amazon[.]com and Ring[.]xcom both showed my desired color in stock. They also said they were unable to manually issue a coupon. I insisted on escalating the issue, and they said after consulting with the Billing department (I think?) that the reason I never received the coupon is because I purchased it from Amazon[.]com instead of Ring[.]com, and pointed me to this page: Promotional Terms and Conditions | Ring

Sure enough on that page it does say:

Offer applies to products sold on Ring[.]com.

I pointed out it’s listed directly on the Amazon listing page as well as in the app when setting up the device, but this went nowhere and I gave up.

I then contacted Amazon Customer Service (which was really difficult, Amazon has made it quite difficult to go past self-service resolution and talk to a human now), pointed out I never received the coupon nor was able to, despite it being mentioned on the listing page. At first they only offered me a $10 promotional credit, but I said this needed resolving properly. After waiting for a long time, they finally issued me a $15 promotional credit and promised to follow up regarding the incorrect information on the website (assuming it is only eligible for Ring[.]com orders). I ordered my faceplate successfully.