No control over the lights duration

I’m surprised and frustrated that there is No option in the app to adjust the length of time the lights will stay on for. When set in motion activate mode they literally switch on for 10 seconds which is pretty pointless. This unit replaced a passive light fixture that would control duration & cost a 5th of the price.
Such limited control for the lights, shouldn’t be just on or off !!! & I don’t want to manually go into the app to switch lights on which again only lasts for 30 seconds. Extremely frustrating!!! Please fix this with an update in the app.

Hi @user67210. Which model of Ring Security Camera do you have? The options for the lights will vary between our hardwired and battery powered models. Other neighbors with a Spotlight Cam Battery have requested the option to keep the lights on for a longer duration, which you can find on our Feature Request board here. Feel free to add your feedback to that request as well.

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