No Continuous Live Feed

No continuous Live Feed with these cameras and I’ve read previous comment about going as far as last year. Looks like Ring is doing nothing to fix this sadly, so I will be getting rid of my c amera and getting another brand like I already have. Ring will not be getting any positive endorsements from me going forward.

If you had researched, you would have found most of Ring’s cameras are battery powered and would not be able to sustain a continuous live feed for any length of time.
What you should invest in is a DVR type system that continuously records and are not battery powered. There are options for a built it yourself type setup (what I have in addition to my Ring cameras) but that would require a modicum of tech skills.

Hi @Norman67. You’re welcome to add your vote and feedback to the feature request on extending the length of Live View here. The Feature Request board helps us to organize and share your requests with our team, as well as let other neighbors share their feedback on these requests. :slight_smile: