No Contact from Ring Protect After Alarm Sounding

Hello, I pay for Ring Protect Plus each month mostly for the professional monitoring and have been for a few years. Last night, our alarm tripped and was sounding for about 2-3 mins in the middle of the night. I received no contact from Ring at all to verify the alarm cancellation and no one was dispatched to our house.

I’ve tried to call Ring’s alarm department for assistance, but can’t make it through customer support. We have my wife’s Amazon account linked and they’ll only provide her w/ the authentication link to access my account before answering any of my questions. My email and phone are both the primary on the Ring account.

Does anyone know how Ring Protect Pro Monitoring works and how I can get to the bottom of why they dropped the ball? I certainly hope their monitoring reps are more helpful than their standard service reps.

Thank you in advance.

Ring is supposed to call only if you don’t turn the alarm off yourself, which it sounds like you did. They won’t do any follow up call as it is presumed if you enter in your 4 digit code that it is really you. Also you need to have Confirmation Call enabled in your Settings - Monitoring for those times you don’t turn off the alarm.

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Thanks for the information. So if we’re home and there’s a B&E, we’re to let the alarm sound through them calling me, then calling our 2nd backup line then they’ll send someone? Assuming we can’t pickup because there’s a stranger in our home.

Ring isn’t going to send someone, but they will contact local law enforcement and it’ll be up to them how long it takes to respond.

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Right, that’s what I meant by send someone. Ok, thank you for answering my questions. Not sure why their support was unable to do so w/o accessing my account.

Hi @Jerbot. I would also recommend double-checking the settings in your Ring App to ensure that Professional Monitoring is fully set up. You can follow the steps listed below to make sure you are signed up.

  1. Open the Ring App.
  2. Tap the Menu .
  3. Tap Settings .
  4. Tap Monitoring .
  5. Tap Professional Monitoring .

If you haven’t signed up for Professional Monitoring yet, follow the prompts in the Ring App to complete this process. You can then read more about what happens after your Ring Alarm is triggered under Professional Monitoring in our Help Center Article here. I hope this information is helpful. :slight_smile:

Here’s info on what happens depending on the type of call. TL;DR if you disarm a burglar alarm, it will cancel dispatch.

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