No connection to Doorbell, WiFi Connected!

My Ring Doorbell is saying its offline, and does this regularly, according to the app, and via “Alexa” shows, however when I check my Wi-Fi information I can see the device is connected with a strong signal, the app still shows and so does the dashboard on the web that the device is “OFFLINE”
(combined picture attached showing RSSI and SNR and connectivity! as I can only upload 1 image!)

I have reset this device on a few occasions already, the power supply is a real Ring product and I am getting to my whit’s end with this now, what is the point of a doorbell that doesn’t work? I have 2 chime units and these have issues with connections too where the blue circle flashes if I put it in the wrong part of the house, but when I use other places it works fine.

I am wondering if people are having issues because of MESH networks and multiple APs for people that have some idea how networks work and want decent signal strengths.
Here is a post of the RSSI information for today… and my Wi-Fi hasn’t gone down at all.

I hope these images upload correctly. otherwise this is pointless too.
(are you fricking joking me!? you can only imbed one item to a post!!?! you want information for support yet you don’t allow people to upload information)


Hi @Pete74. Thanks for sharing that screenshot. The Ring Community is not a direct line to support, but is intended for general troubleshooting questions and concerns. Which model of Ring Doorbell do you have? When the Doorbell is connected to wifi, what do you see the RSSI listed as on the Device Health page in the Ring app? What type of mesh network do you have? I know mesh networks can cause some issues with how the access points function, though it depends on the settings available within the network itself.