No connection away from home

Since last Update I can not connect to live feature support is useless talked with 6 people none can help?

Hi @BamaJon! Your connection to the Ring app while away from home is going to depend on cellular data connection on your mobile device in that area, among other factors. If your Ring app and devices are operating well when home, this confirms your wifi network and devices are communicating efficiently.

To optimize your experience when away from home, please ensure bluetooth and VPN is disabled, and any apps that might be open in the background are closed. Try also, to remove and reinstall the Ring app on your mobile device to see if this improves connection. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

From start this started with the last Update , Ring REFUSES to admit that . I have talked with 9 people about this NONE have helped they have resulted to Blaming Tmobiles Network But EVERYTHING else on my phone works fine. ITS RINGS ISSUE . on wifi it works fine on mobile data it doesnt work at all EVRYTHING turned off on phone still wont connect , Im fed up with how IVE been treated . All I want is it to work i Did what they suggested early on and it cost me money because the device was deleted .