No Connected Device??

When I look at Activity History, I’m told that I don’t have a connected Ring device. I have a Ring Doorbell 2 that functions properly. Why does Ring say I don’t have any connected devices?

Hi @DLaisle. It’s possible you may have duplicate locations which is why you are unable to see the history for your Ring device. In your Ring app, open the main menu at the top left and tap on your location at the top right above Dashboard. Once you select this, if you see another location name, please tap on that location and then the main menu again. From the main menu, select Devices and see if your Ring Video Doorbell 2 shows up. After selecting the Doorbell, you can then tap on Event History and see all your events. Please note you will need an active Ring Protect Plan that you are subscribed to in order to see any event history.

I have only 1 location showing in the app. The Activity History that I am referring to is the one on your Web site. When I click on it, I’m am told on another page that my videos will be “saved here but since you don’t have a connected device…”. It seems that, though I do have a connected device, your system doesn’t think that I do. I want to be able to use the Web site as well as the app but with no history, the Web site is basically useless. What can be done to make your system recognize my device (Doorbell 2)?

@DLaisle Could you possibly reach out to our support team on this? You will need to send in screenshots of what you are seeing and they will be able to take a deeper look into your account about this concern to get it sorted out! Please reach out to them anytime here for them to address this and you can return to seeing your event history on the website.

I was going to Accept your reply as a solution to my problem but there is no Accept button contrary to what the Web page said (“Accept it as a solution (click on the ‘Accepted Solution’ button next to reply)”. So I’m just letting you know here that I will contact support and provide screen shoots as I’ve done here also.

Screen Shots for Ring.pdf (420 KB)

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