No color night vision - Ring Floodlight

I posted earlier today about my new Ring Floodlight not having Snapshot Capture functioning. I learned tonight (given this is my first night with the new camera) that this Ring Floodlight also does not provide for Color Night Vision.

As posted earlier today, my other Ring Floodlight has both features.

The “new” Floodlight cam that I purchased from Best Buy runs firmware 1.16.00273. Doesn’t update.

Why does the Floodlight camera that I purchased last week work, while the one I purchased the other day not?

Why does Ring continue to remain silent on what’s going on here?

Sorry to hear about this experience @Nacho! The first thing I’d recommend here is checking signal strength, or RSSI, for both Cameras to ensure it is sufficient for updates to complete over WiFi. As these features are more related to the application, this concern might be resolved by removing the Ring app and reinstalling it.

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I’m assuming Chelsea_Ring is a bot.

Ring, really?

I’ve received so many emails with hello Ring…
Why? You’re only annoying others here. Call support if you want help! You’re breaking the rules here by spamming threads.

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420 posts as of 12/31/19…Eagle328…working for Ring?

BTW…forum rules are linked below, and nothing I’ve done violates them:

…but I’m sure you knew that

@nacho I don’t work for Ring. I’m here to help others unlike yourself. Read my posts and then yours. Oh wait you know yours already.
And next time try a bit harder…
Here are the rules for the community. You might want to read it since you posted the wrong rules above. Please notice you’ve broken more than one. Enjoy your nachos!

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This is my thread…seeking help on night color vision issues. I’d appreciate a response to help address.

Call Us
US: +1(800) 656-1918 (24/7)
US: +1(888) 981-8993 (Español - 24/7)
INTL: +1(310) 929-7085 (24/7)

Called Ring customer support already - no help or solution. Worse, no insights or forthcoming information.


If customer service can not help then the agents here won’t be able to. And they’re not bots. I’ve spoken with a few in the past. They mostly use the standard responses they are permitted to use and when it goes beyond that, they will simple ask you to call customer support. Customer support is the top tier for support. Now, as for your firmware issue. I have the wired floodlight too. It’s been on the same firmware all along that you have. I don’t have an issue where my light goes on and off as others have had, I do get color night vision. I do not get snapshots though. I read a ways back that there were new features coming out and devices made after a certain time would have this new feature of snapshots. All the others prior to that date would receive it later via a firmware update. Nothing yet but my floodlight cam works fine so snapshots I can wait for. I also see my new Ring Pro is stuck on a firmware too. But it’s a good thing since I don’t have the issues many were having with crazy motion notifications. So maybe they are holding out releasing the newer firmware since they have bugs still.
I’m trying to help you possibly understand what I believe is going on and hopefully you’ll see that. I volunteer on another major company’s support forum for 10 years. I have an NDA for them too. I get to see what happens behind the scenes and most companies will not allow agents to answer certain questions. Their hands are tied. It’s frustrating to know something but you can’t let the public know. So as you can notice, they will only repeat the company allowed information. They will never give a date as to when a firmware realise will be or even an app update. That is something I can’t get as well in the forum I help in.
So if you have multiple issues and customer service can’t even offer you a replacement, your going to have to go higher in the corporate ladder. I’ve had to do this at times, but I did get almost everything I asked. So wasting energy here is useless. Try social media. It works great at times. Tweet the CEO, message Amazon and so on. I hope this helps. I understand your frustrations. I hope you get what you’re looking for as well. Have a Happy New Year as well. Peace

First, Eagle328, thank you.

Second, regarding this matter, I think it’s related to my most recent post and self-resolution here:

So for me, I believe the fix is to return the Floodlight, and pray that the one I replace it with doesn’t have the same Firmware issue of being stuck.

Worth one more chance I suppose, and I sincerely hope my contribution to this forum assists other consumers to make informed decisions on what to do if they face similar issues to mine…whether Ring likes that or not…afterall, I do believe that I’ve kept inline with the forum regulations.

In fact, the most insightful lesson I learned from this forum is that Ring will not comment outside of their canned responses. By the way, in my experience, the same is true when speaking to a Ring customer service representataive. That my insights may help others will hopefully not be deleted again.

Nacho, I hope the replacement works for you. Sadly like you’ve seen the employees have their hands tied to their responses. I don’t blame them and I know what’s it’s like to not be able to say something and really want to. At least the forum I volunteer for will never remove negative posts. We will edit them for the normal violations but the post stays. Nothing to hide if people are upset. It makes it worse when you start deleting things. I’ll read your link later when I get home. Thanks

I see someone from Ring commented back.
It is what I thought and you found out.
Any device bought and installed before a certain date will not update the firmware until a later date. The new ones will update to the most recent as you have found. It must be a glitch in the firmware that I’m stick on now and they require more work before the new firmware is pushed. You started at an earlier version and it must have went to the latest version. For myself, I’d rather just wait then get on a ladder to replace it for now. I’m sure they will fix it soon. I have to find Ring’s post on the date they mentioned somewhere. Have a good night

Hi Eagle328 and thank you again. I’m impressed with your diligence, knowledge, and sincere interest in helping others here. Pursuant to that thread :frowning:

I believe my question is still unanswered by Ring and I’m not convinced that my second Ring Floodlight will update its firmware ever. I believe it’s a brick. What would help me is to get confirmation from Ring, which I now understand from experience will never happen.

Hopefully others will read these threads if they have similar issues as I have had. Perhaps my contributions here will be useful to them.