No chime sounds and no notifications anymore

Just recently we have noticed no indoor chime and no phone notifications for motion, even though camera is still recording video. I have ubinstalled and re-installed app, checked settings, cleared cache, tested chime, and checked Device Health and Chime Placement and all look good. Any suggestions so we willstart getting chime and phone alerts?

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Hi @SWatTeam. Do you have a Ring Chime or a Ring Chime Pro? Can you also share a screenshot of the Chime Alerts settings you have for the Chime, located under the Audio Settings tile?

Getting issue here and did the same as you. No notification to android or iPhone and my chime nothing. Even spotlight cameras on drive way nothing. Seems to happen at random that last few months

Same problem with mine, also, Alexa shows a message “waiting for
Not network or bandwidth related…:thinking: