No “Change WIFI Network” Option

All I want to do is update my wifi network. I didn’t notice until my sister came home and I didn’t get a ring notification.

Is there a way to update it without me needing to dismantle it from my doorbell? It does not give me the option to “change wifi network,” just “reconnect.” And when I follow those steps, it’s a dead end. Why is this so difficult?

hi @Aniroc. If your Ring Doorbell is disconnected from wifi, you will see the “Reconnect to Wi-Fi” option. Tapping this will take you through the process of putting the Doorbell into setup mode in order to reconnect the Doorbell to wifi. You will need to press the setup button to activate setup mode, but the setup button is located underneath the faceplate on most of the Video Doorbell models, so you do not need to dismantle it or take it off the wall.

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