No cellular backup - Bad AT&T service at home.

At&t has really bad service in San Jose where I live. As a result my cellular backup doesn’t really work.

Can we change providers or get a signal booster?

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Hi @Shehzad, could you possibly reach out to our support team here? They will be able to weigh-in with you any options that there are. They can also do some brief troubleshooting with you to see where in your home you may need to relocate the Base Station to get any signal or the best one possible.

I noticed similar issue with my Ring. I have tried multiple locations, and only get 1 bar of reception on the unit in my house, once in awile 2.

Now if what @Shehzad has stated is true that the unit uses AT&T; I personally should have full bars on my sytems, as I am an AT&T cellular customer and have no issues with my cell phone at home, even when in my “dungeon”

Maybe the units radio atenna is a “lower” quality one then phones, I dunno. So a booster would be ideal as a safety precution.

Also wouldn’t mind the ability to log on to my acount and see the status of my system from Ring’s side. Such as is my unit comunicating with you guys via cellular alright, how well are my cams comunicating with you from my wifi, and so on. That way if need be I can make adjstments on my end such as moving the base unit or adding a wifi extender. So I’m rest assured my home is protected. Basicly a “TEST Mode” that can be done maybe once a month or every 3 months, etc this way it doesn’t bog down Ring’s sytem as well.

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@RevMatty This is a great idea, to have some sort of “test mode” to make sure that all devices are operational and have a stable connection. I will pass on this feedback to the appropriate team to consider for future.

For yourself, you can check your connections just to make sure they seem stable enough on your own accord! For the Base Station, you can go into Devices > Alarm Base Station > Base Station > Gear icon at the top right > Network Settings. From here, you will get an indicator of the wifi signal (if not connected to ethernet) and the cellular strength. I will say I’ve also always been on 1 bar for my cellular strength without a problem.

Then, for your cameras, you have the options to go into Devices > Cam/Doorbell > Device Health. From here, you can see the RSSI. To learn more about RSSI, you should check out our Community post here. I do check on these factors occasionally, and usually before I go out of town for awhile to know that my devices should stay connected as long as nothing goes haywire at my home. :slight_smile: