No camera view on dashboard

My dashboard for both of my internal cameras show a black screen now with the message “ motion detection is turned off”. However, it is doing this even though the detection is actually ON. The camera is actually on, recording, and displaying notifications. It just doesn’t show a visual on the camera anymore from the dashboard.

This is the case for all of our phones and iPad in the house, so it’s an app consistent issue.

The one workaround is if I force close the app and reopen. It will then display the camera image the first time I open the app. However, once I leave the open and re-enter, it goes black on the dashboard again.

It used to work fine where I opened the app and could quickly see the current image that was in the camera (from the last 30 sec or so that it updated). Now, no update displayed. Black. I can only view if I go live.

Note: The dashboard displays the doorbell camera just fine. This is only happening on the inside cameras.

Is this a known bug? Is this something that is in the works for correction? Any insight is appreciated. Thank you!

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Hi @nosaj211. Make sure both the Ring app and the software on your phones and iPad are fully up-to-date. Also, check the Modes settings to make sure motion detection isn’t disabled within one of the Modes. One last thing I’d suggest trying is to toggle motion detection off and back on for each Camera.

If this keeps happening despite trying the steps shared above, please follow up with our support team at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.

For over a month, I have been having the same exact issue as described above. Out of 8 cameras on my dashboard two are blacked out and say “Motion Detection is Turned Off”. To be precise, the motion is turned on on both cameras. The solutions provided by the Ring team did not work.
I deleted the app on both iPhones and all iPads… reinstalled it and the same issue. Removed and installed both cameras as new, same issues. I thought that it might have to do with my Ring whole house alarm system or their Geofencing, but nothing has worked.
Another note: This is not happening on any of my dashboards on my desktops or laptops using the Windows app, just the Apple products and only with certain cameras.
Can someone please advise?

Hi @ChefJody. Since you have tried the basic troubleshooting steps and are still having the same concern, give our support team a call to further investigate and assist you.