No call with Professional Monitoring

Hi, I recently started the professional monitoring (IE completed my 7-day trial window). I have since then set off my alarm accidentally twice. Both times I got the notification on my phone, and the email, but did not get a call. Should I have? Isn’t that what professional monitoring is supposed to do? I was totally at fault for the two false alarms but does give me pause as to what the professional monitoring is actually doing if they don’t follow up when the alarm goes off.

Did you turn on the professional monitoring in the settings? Im guessing you already paid for it, so that’s the only thing that would stop it from calling you. I get a call in about 10 to 20 seconds when I screw up.

Hey there, @ggoforth41! It definitely sounds like you are registered and initiated in the proper Professional Monitoring mode, please also double check your emergency contacts to ensure they are accurate. As you mentioned receiving these alerts to your mobile device from the Ring app, if you disarmed before the monitoring center called, no calls are made to your emergency contacts, and emergency responders are not dispatched.

It is likely that you were quick with disarming. Just to be sure, please also check your confirmation call feature to ensure it is set to your preference. Otherwise, as long as you are subscribed to Protect Plus, have Professional Monitoring enabled, with a proper location and emergency contact, rest assured you will receive a call in the event of an Alarm emergency signal (that is not disarmed). I hope this helps! :slight_smile: