No Call from Monitoring when alarm tripped?

A few days ago, while my system was armed away, one of my motion sensors tripped and set off the alarm (my fault, the sensitivity was set to high). I did not have my phone with me so i didn’t see any of the alerts until almost an hour later. I do have professional monitoring enabled.

What’s concerning is all three of my emergency contact numbers did not get a call for almost ten minutes from Ring after the alarm triggered, and even then it was only an automated call to let me know the alarm had tripped. Police were dispatched several minutes after that, almost 13 minutes from the initial alarm activation.

  1. Why did it take 10 minutes to get a call?
  2. Why was this call automated? I’d think If it was a a real emergency you’d want a live person asking for your verbal password.
  3. Was the delay because the only sensor that tripped was motion, no perimeter (window/door) sensors?

Just looking for some clarification if this is expected behavior or a fluke.

Sorry to hear about this, @neighbor_234! I would first check to make sure there are not any Customizable Police Response procedures setup. Please also see if your are using a Verified Guard Response, which can differ by location/ municipality.

If the above scenarios or settings do not apply to you, I recommend checking out our help center article about emergency response procedures. There it states:

  • If you disarm Ring Alarm at any time, the burglar alarm is canceled. (If the confirmation call feature is enabled within the Ring app, you will receive an automated call confirming the cancellation.)
  • If any emergency contact answers the phone and correctly says the verbal password, they can tell the monitoring center agent to cancel the alarm.

Otherwise, and if not cancelled, your emergency contacts will all be reached out to and the police will be dispatched based on the factors listed in the above article. Our support team is always happy to take a closer look to ensure your Alarm system is operating as intended.

If this concern persists, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. We’re taking additional steps to protect our team and help reduce the spread of COVID-19, so this has resulted in longer than normal wait times. If you are outside of the US, please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support.

I had my first call from monitoring a few days ago. I was really surprised because it was just after returning from the mall. I dropped my wife and daugther in front of our apartment. I drove my car to the garage which is a block away (underground). Then, my phone rang and I saw “ring monitoring” on the screen. It was just a recorded message saying something like the alamr tripped and it wanted me to confirm by pressing 1 (not sure about the exact words). I then called my wife to check what had happened. She didn’t entered the pin code correctly. She thought what she had to dial the 4 digits and then, press OK and the disable button. So, when she went into the dining room, she got caught by the motion sensor.

As I guess each country may have special rules (I live in France), don’t we have to give a verbal answer in France ?


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I pre-ordered the alarm before it was released. It has been triggered a few times by our cats in the last three years. Each time, if I didn’t disarm it quickly because I recognized it is something the cats did I get a live call from the alarm center in under 30 seconds.

I knew it was the cats because it was triggered by an internal motion sensor not near an entry point or window and I never received an alert from any of the exterior cameras or other motion or contact sensors.

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