No automatic live view in iOS app

It used to be that live view automatically popped up upon motion and/or doorbell activation in the iOS app. It has quit doing that for the past 3 to 4 months. It works on our Echo Show, but not on the iPad that is mounted right next to the door. What gives? I’ve already talked to tech support and they said it was an issue with the app and that it would be fixed in a month. It still doesn’t work.

When it’s on, you see the Live Photo button at the top of your Camera. The Camera app turns Live Photos on agian automatically. It’s not essential, but it will allow you to have the doorbell chime Just head into the app and you’ll see authorised client devices.

Hi @tonybroome1981. If possible, can you check if there is a specific setting available in your Ring App? Please open the Ring App > tap the Menu in the top left > tap Devices > tap your Doorbell > tap Device Settings > tap Alert Settings > choose Notification Preferences and send me a screenshot of what you’re seeing on this screen. If you don’t have this option, send me a screenshot of what you do have available on Alert Settings so I can take a look. :slight_smile:

@tonybroome1981 Thanks so much for sharing those screenshots! I wanted to double-check on your end and with my team to confirm that this feature was removed from the Ring App when changes were made. I answered a similar question in this thread here if you want to take a look. You can use an Echo Show to accomplish this as well, and you can find information on what features are available with the Alexa and Ring integration in our Help Center here. I also link out to our Feature Request board in that thread, so feel free to add a suggestion in there regarding this feature or any other suggestions you may have. :slight_smile: