No authenticator and totally locked out of all Ring accounts


I have a Ring app and account, so that someone else can share their camera with me. I have no cameras myself.

I used an authenticator app for logging in, as well as username+password.

Somehow, I no longer have the Ring account on my authenticator, but the login to the Ring app demands the authenticator code. I am totally locked out of the app and web portal.

Every piece of advice is around using the control centre, but I cannot login to the control centre, as I have no authenticator code.

Is it possible in any way to log into anything (App, or website) without the authenticator. Everything I do seems to want an authenticator code, when I try to log in.

PS - I am using the device owners account to submit this message.

Hi @MF-Mirfield. If you’re having trouble receiving a verification code by text message or authenticator app, you can use an alternate method to verify your account. This Help Center page will show you the alternate method. If you are still unable to log in, give our support team a call for further assistance.

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