No audio on live or recorded video

When viewing live or recorded videos, there’s no audio. My ring pro doorbell used to work great. I upgraded my router ( from ASUS AC1900 to TP-Link Ax6000) and still nothing. Upload is over 300mbps and download is around 22mbps and my RSSI score is 57 and latency around 37. I didn’t change anything when it stopped working. I’ve reset it, unplugged it, turned off my Bluetooth, and everything else in the help section. TIA

There should certainly be audio on your recordings as long as the Ring device and mobile device connection is adequate. Try viewing these recordings from another device, or checking audio/ volume options on the device being used.

Otherwise, and as you mentioned having a robust router, check for any network settings that might impact streaming. Check out also our Help Center article about ports and protocols. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: