No audio on doorbell when someone rings it

Hi, just bought the doorbell 3 plus - if I go into live view from my phone app I can speak into the app and hear sound through the doorbell. But if I Ring the doorbell and then speak through the app after answering the call, no sound comes out of the doorbell. I can hear sound through the app.

Please help! Microphone on phone allows Ring usage and the ring device is set to record audio/video. Really disappointing first experience!


This is certainly an odd occurrence, @Kat6! With the two way talk feature working with live view, an answered ring event should have the same results. Checking microphone permissions was a great call. I recommend also ensuring vpn and bluetooth is disabled, as well as trying this two way talk on wifi only, or mobile data only, on your mobile device.

Although permissions sound proper and live view audio works as intended, removing and reinstalling the Ring app is always a good way to ensure the app is optimally integrated with your mobile device. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile: