No audio alert on iPads when doorbells ring

We have 2 doorbells (ring 2 & ring video doorbell 2020).
Setup the ring app on one of the folks’ iPad. When doorbell rings, there is the notification someone is at the door, but no audio indication from the iPad.
Set the ring app up on another iPad, same issue occurs.

Went through this:

Sounds play fine when testing or changing the ring options.

Notifications all seem set correctly in the app in the iPad settings, nothing turned off to prevent audio on either of them.

Volume is obviously fine since can hear the sample sounds.
If we go live to the door, audio (and video) works fine.

Just the app doesn’t play any sounds for notification for some reason, which means they have to stare at the iPad (or the door) to figure out if someone is there… :slight_smile:



Hi @JF5. Is the iPad IOS up to date, as well as the Ring app? Check to make sure that the Ring app as permissions allowed and enabled. Next, check to make sure that the iPad is not connected to a bluetooth device. I would also check the Focus settings for your iPad. Let me know if this helps.