No audible sound on notifications

I have tried everything possible but no sound comes through on notifications. I het a pop up and vibration only. I chose the notification sound on my phone and in the app. It worked. Then after one notification it stopped working. When i checked the name of tone i had chosen was replaced with the numbers 67981. Again i ticked the tone on my phone and app with the sound i wanted. It worked. Again after 1 notification it reverted back to the numbers. I have repeated a few times. Ridiculous. Should have kept my Blink cameras

Hi @user68601. Check that both your Ring app and phone’s software are fully updated to the latest versions available. Are you on an Android phone? We have some notification troubleshooting steps here for Android phones specifically. If you’ve updated everything and this issue persists, it would be best to get in touch with our support team for further assistance.