No audible notification from the RING APP

My camera nor my door bell provide audible alert. I only see the banner. Using iPhone 13 Pro!

This could be due to the sound profile of your mobile device, in which I recommend checking the phone notification settings and sound features (i.e. silent or do not disturb mode, etc.). As for the Ring app, as long as the alerts are toggled on for your Ring device there, it should notify your mobile device.

App Alert tones can help with getting sound along with your notification. In the Ring app, visit your Ring device’s Device Settings and choose the Notification Settings. From there you will see App Alert tones, which will allow you to choose tones that play with your Alerts. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Checked ring setting notifications are on. I am not receiving notifications on my mobile device. Please help

If the above steps did not help to improve notifications, check out our Help Center article below for more notification tips.

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