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I see the same issues in regards to notification delays with no answers or responses. This must be a recurring problem with no solution. I am having problems with camera notification delays and the only answer from RING is to reboot everything from router to phone. And its not simple to disconnect the doorbell and move it closer to the router - did this first time in setting up the devdice and all was good. I’m concluding that RING has no answer to poor delay times - its not like the commercials or advertisements. This is based on m calling and asking for help and getting disconnected twice. Disappointed.

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Hi @NH1. What kind of delays are your experiencing? Also, what type of device do you have - Android or Apple? Notifications will normally have a few seconds of a delay when sending the press of a Doorbell, to the router, then to the cloud, then back down to the connection your mobile device has (the device with the Ring app on it).

Since it has to go through a few steps, the weaker connection that is giving you the longer delay could be on multiple fronts. If you do not have a strong connection to your phone (weak wifi connection or poor mobile data connection), this can cause more of a delay. If your router has a lot of devices talking to it and connected to it at the same time, this could cause more of the delay.

Whether you have an Android phone or an iPhone, sometimes refreshing the Ring app can do wonders. Do this by logging out of the app, removing the app from your phone, powering off your phone, then powering it back on and redownloading/logging back into the app. Additionally, you can check out our Ring Help Center Articles for Android and Apple devices to see if these can guide you through the notification concern.

The last thing to keep in mind is the connection your Doorbell has to the router. This is judged by your RSSI. I’m not too sure if you were able to get a chance to talk to support on this because of the troubles you had when contacting them, so please read our Community post here on where to find your RSSI and what it could be also telling you.

I have an iPhone. I contacted Customer Service (who hung up on me twice) and went thru the process of re-booting my router. If I have to reboot, delete app / install app, reboot iPhone - this is not what I want. There was someone at the door, only got the notification after they rang the door bell. By the time I got the notice on my phone, tried to open the app to see who it was, and then having to go to the front door, they were gone. When I got the video, I got 30 seconds of choppy video and audio. This hardware does not work like the commercials. Having to move my router closer to the doorbell 2 is not possible nor do I want to reroute my cable. I have an extender but that did not help at all. Becoming very disappointed with this product. Maybe Ring should incorporate a stronger WiFi booster let alone have the signal go to my phone first, then the icloud.

@NH1 Thanks for getting back to me. I know you mentioned that your video that you did see had a choppy video and audio quality. This is normally directly related to having a poor RSSI. Did you have a chance to look at the Community post I referenced about RSSI? I would love to know what your RSSI is for your Doorbell. Also for your extender that you have, is this a Ring branded extender like our Chime Pro, or one given by your ISP? When you are looking at your Device Health to see the RSSI, you can also check the connection’s network name to verify if it’s connected to your router, or the router’s extender, as this can make a difference and improve the signal as well.

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