No Alexa voice control for floodlights?

I just want to comment that I think it is VERY annoying that flood light control via verbal Alexa commands is not possible with Ring security camera/flood light units. Makes ZERO sense that this cannot be developed and rolled out as an updated feature. I am thinking about getting rid of my Ring devices and switching to another ecosystem because of this very simple, yet very valuable, feature not being possible. Had I known ahead of time, I wouldn’t not have invested in the Ring ecosystem.


This is bordering on embarrassing for Ring that this simple feature is not available for these devices.

Hi @Squonk716 . You should be able to control your lights on your Floodlight Cam using Alexa. You want to make sure you set your Floodlight Cam lights into a Light Group in the Ring app. You will be able to do this in your Camera’s General Settings. Once that is done, follow these steps in the Alexa app to create a routine:

  • Tap on the More option and select Routines.
  • Tap on the + option on the top right to create a new routine.
  • Enter your routine’s name.
  • Select “When this happens” and pick Voice. Set up your custom verbal command.
  • Select “Add action” and then tap on Smart Home.
  • Tap on Lights and select the Light Group name you had set up in the Ring app for the Floodlight Cam. Once you tap on Next, you will toggle on Power and then set a duration.
  • Once all this is done, tap on Save.

I hope this helps.

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