No alert for doorbell disconnected?

Tonight I went out to the pharmacy around the corner and in the few minutes I was gone, someone rang my ring pro doorbell (hardwired). I was notified that someone was at my door, so I clicked in the app to see who it was. Live view would never load. I went back after several minutes to review the motion video, & doorbell video, and nothing would load. In fact, no activity had been recorded since 4:32:17 this morning! WHY DIDN’T THE APP NOTIFY ME? All of my settings are on to be notified, yet I had no clue something was wrong until I figured it out through an unidentified person at my door. I called customer service and they were like, “yeah that’s not a feature we offer. Your camera was online, so let’s update the firmware and you should be good to go.” This is unacceptable. What’s worse? There is no timeline for when this will be a feature in the app which is ridiculous as it should have been part of the app from the very beginning. I am a product designer and this product would have gotten me an F- in design school. Ring, you are failing your customers. I’m switching to the NEST system for both of our houses doorbells, cameras, and alarms now. No one at Ring seems to care about this, or to refund me my money for the inconvenience.


I am having the same problems with the notifications and it just started yesterday. I get notifications if someone rings it, but not for motion detection. I am not showing it is disconnected though. My stick up camera works fine (except for ring changing the motion zone settings) but not the doorbell. I noticed there is a new feature on the dashboard for geocaching that appeared yesterday. I have not activated it but it seems like it is making the doorbell act like it and not notify me. I have double checked all of my settings and I have not changed a number thing, it started on its own.

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Thank you for sharing your experience, @mollybrooks! At this time, when your Doorbell Pro falls offline, there will be a couple indicators within the Ring app. As described further in our help center article, a message about your devices being offline can appear in the Ring app and your Device Health section of the Ring app will reflect an offline status.

As we always value our neighbors’ feedback, feel free to add this request on our Feature Request Board. This way other neighbors can share their interest in one place, that we can organize and share with our teams here. :slight_smile:

@Hockeygoon96, in regards to your inquiry about motion notifications, the best next step will be to go through all the motion options for the Doorbell and adjust them accordingly. Please ensure your motion notifications or enabled, and that there is not Modes or motion scheduling interfering with you receiving motion alerts. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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This is NOT a solution, as it requires the user to check the app constantly, which is something NOBODY DOES, and something NOBODY WANTS TO DO.

The whole point of the Ring doorbell camera system is supposed to be peace of mind, not constant babysitting of the software. If you rely on a doorbell camera to tell you when there’s someone at your door, you should also be able to rely on it to tell you when something is wrong with it and IT CAN’T DO IT’S JOB.

I shouldn’t have to go into the app to see that my Ring camera doorbell is offline. That’s like having to ask a security guard every ten minutes if he’s still awake and doing the job he’s paid to do.

The device should TELL ME when it goes offline. This isn’t hard. Yet it still happens every time my ISP or router goes dead for whatever reason, and the doorbell camera simply decides to not do its job. Nevermind that the Ring doorbell camera should then reboot itself as soon as wifi is restored - IT DOESN’T EVEN DO THIS BASIC FUNCTION. The Ring doorbell needs to be manually rebooted from within the app for some reason, but it can’t even be bothered to notify the user that this is necessary, resulting in an unknown quantity of time where the user is completely UNPROTECTED by the system they have PAID FOR and in most cases are still PAYING A SUBSCRIPTION FOR.

As a current Ring customer, this is absolutely unacceptable. Fix it please.

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