No able to load the videos

Since yesterday 17/6, the videos do not open from my flood front camera

Although I have paid until March of next year

If I try to download them on my machine to see them I have this massage.
On line is not able to open them

Yesterday I called to find help for the problem I have with the videos of the flood front camera and after 2 hours of waiting and trying conversation I did not find an end and the problem continues.
If this ιs your help, then it makes no sense to continue to pay to have videos, since I can not watch them, they do not open to see them

I cant open the videos from my front camera, also not to download them. Not in my smart phone, not on my pc, not on the website from ring
Everytink was ok for over one year and since yesterday I cant open them

I had the same problem earlier today but it seems to be resolved now.

How was it resolved?
I still have the problem.
Yesterday I was maybe more than 2 hours on the phone talking and waiting with the help department but no solution was found!

I don’t know what resolved the problem for me, I noticed it early this morning and about an hour or two later it was working again. All of the videos that would not play before are OK now and new videos are being saved.

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Thanks for your answer

It looks that the server has a problem.
Just now, I played only a video and after it, came the same problem!

We are getting the same error codes. I call for assistance and they were going to create a work order. Still nothing today. I need this to work , since we had a package theft yesterday.