Nightvision problem

My wired ring spotlight camera’s nightvision has turned purple, anyone else had this problem?

Hey @Jmad60. Could you try shining a flash light into the lens and seeing if this helps the purple image? You may need to wait until the camera has kicked into night vision to attempt to do this. If this is still not working, could you show us a picture of what your Live View looks like with the weird night vision coloring?

Thanks for the reply, will try that later, meanwhile here is a picture of what it looks like.

Did the flashlight thing, goes back to purple.

Thank you for that picture example, @Jmad60! It looks like color night vision mode might be enabled here. In your Ring app, please visit the device page in question, select Device Settings for this device, and then select video settings. There you should have an option for Color Night Vision, which is explained further in this help center article. Test this feature to see if it improves your night vision when enabled or disabled.

As it looked like there was some lighting in the area more light should not be necessary, however, adding light can always help with low light image quality. If the purple remains, try also resetting the Camera by holding the setup button for 20 seconds. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile:

The nightvision is enabled, and puts a purple hue on everything, which months ago never happened.

Although you may notice a difference in colorization in the night vision, with Color Night Vision enabled, this feature is still likely working as intended. With the Color Night Vision feature, the colors in a colorized image are not the true colors of the object. They’re just a best-guess approximation based on the amount of light reflecting off the object. As such, the colors in a colorized image will be a bit off from true.

While there was a different color prior, environments can change over time in physical features, artificial lighting, and even with the seasons/ weather. As you’ve covered many steps and this night vision image is remaining the same, try night vision with this feature off to see if that configuration is a better fit for the area.

It never looked like that months ago.