Nightvision on Doorbell Pro 2 worse

I’ve replaced my gen 1 Video Doorbell Pro with the new Video Doorbell Pro 2 but am very disappointed in the quality of the night vision. Where the old cam could light up to 5 meters at least, the new does go as far as about 2 meters.
Also there is much reflection at the right although I am using the wedge to mount the camera in an angle.
Any ideas?

Hi @Bartje. Can you please share a screenshot or video example of what you’re seeing with the Night Vision? I’d be happy to take a look and see if it’s what can be expected or if there are any suggestions I can offer that may help improve visibility. :slight_smile:

Sorry for the late reply.
This is the screenshot from yesterday.

I already tried placing epdm (rubber) at the wall but no change.

This how it is mounted:

this is the view at daytime:

Hi @Caitlyn_Ring I’ve added the requested screenshots

@Bartje From your images I am fairly certain it is IR glare from the wall. Couple of things to try. Go into settings, video settings and night vision. There is an option for wall nearby why turns down the intensity. See if that helps. Also try colour night vision on and off. You can also turn off the IR light completely if you are in a well lit area.

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@bemak187 thanks for the reply.
I’ve already tried the options you suggested. All of them do not enhance the image quality.
Probably I have to change the angle of the camera but the wedge that comes with the camera cannot be stacked :frowning:

Hi @Bartje. Happy to chime in for Caitlyn here! My best suggestion would be to try and mount another piece of wood behind the Wedge Mount, to serve as a spacer. This might be enough to bring the Ring Pro forward and clear the bricks on the side. You can also use a drill to make a hole in the wood to allow the wires to go through. Once installed and tested, you can paint it to match the rest of the white.